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Daniel Foster da Silva's blog
Daniel Foster da Silva's blog

   Daniel Foster da Silva
Training, Teaching and Coaching
Daniel Foster da Silva
I love teaching, training, coaching as it gives me and I learn so much.
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Primary Activities
In terms of teaching and my training activities, I have always preferred tutorials and one-to-one sessions, as this allows me to achieve greater results with my students when it concerns areas of study as far apart as simply knowing how to speak, read or write in another language; handling the use of that language in a particular profession; up to the jargon of the technicalities of specific texts, events and conferences - always from the perspective of a foreign language learning process and achieving fluency within it.
  • Teaching Portuguese, and, English for Cambridge exams and for companies. Read more:    
  • I also do professional training in real estate, management and other professional areas. Read what people say:    
Secondary Activities
I translate and back-translate English and Portuguese. For more informations, go to:    
I also teach: In between, I am also an author and, when I have the time for it, I write manuals and articles in international journals - about Portugal, its real estate sector, its rich cultural and environmental characteristics, people and food, but also on the economic and financial aspects of the country from a foreign investors' perspective. Look at this article:        
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