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Daniel Foster da Silva's blog
Daniel Foster da Silva's blog

   Daniel Foster da Silva
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Daniel Foster da Silva
Languages are fascinating things, as they have a life of their own. As a means of communicating with others, we all adapt its use to our particular spheres of influence, realities and needs.
"(...) there is much more to language teaching than language teaching." - in his book "Just a Phrase I'm Going Through"
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Nicole Kranendonk             Nicole Kranendonk             "The course was great fun and is a fantastic preparation for the exam!"
Tim Fortuin             Tim Fortuin             "The Course prepared us thoroughly for the real exam. In short: higly recommendable."
Philippa Ward             Philippa Ward             "Encouragement and commitment helped me learn to read Portuguese, understand laws and pass the exam."
Hendrina Swaters             Hendrina Swaters             "Thank you very much for your excellent teaching, all the support and motivation you gave me which finally was successful. I really enjoyed it."
Susana Martinho             Susana Martinho             "Great satisfaction with on-line course run by Real Estate Practice."
Vera Silva             Vera Silva             "Effort, commitment, confidence and strength are needed to be able to achieve success!"
Bizimovel Setúbal             Bizimovel             "Very practical, interesting and accessible. It has helped us understand the Portuguese real estate market in a clearer, more productive manner."
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